4 comments on “Notes from a lecture given by Stephen Sondheim

  1. Great write up! Sondheim has played such a huge part in making musical theater what it is today that it’s easy to forget that most of his shows were flops – but because he sticks to what he can be proud of, most of his shows have found staying power and later successes and have led the way for shows like Next to Normal. Just think – if everyone had stuck to the Rodgers/Hammerstein formula!

  2. Hi Adrian,

    I heard a podcast interview between Howard Sherman and Sondheim recently on Playbill radio:


    Sondheim remarked that he couldn’t write a song for its own sake, but had to invent a character and a situation, then write for that person, in that moment.

    I was itching for Sherman to ask about the Dick Tracy songs. What situation had Sondheim imagined for a comic book character, squeezed into a dress, in a nightclub? No luck, sadly.

    • Ha ha, Yes indeed! Thanks for the comment and the link:), There is so much that can be said about Sondheim’s work, I was thinking of writing something about his use of musical pastiche in his works, very inspiring.

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