11 comments on “In praise of John Fowles, author of ‘The Magus’

  1. Thanks for the kind remarks on my review of Fowles’ The French Lieutenant’s Woman. My coworkers encourage me to read The Magus but I’ve got a pretty huge stack of books at the moment.

    Happy Reading!

  2. The Magus was similarly formative for me — my high school english teacher recommended it, and that confirmed the shift away from the less literary stuff I’d been reading.

    So it holds up on rereading, I take it?

  3. John Fowles is on of my favorite writers. I read The Magus when I was 20 years old and in Vietnam. Now, I am in the mood to read it again.

  4. The Magus is one of the books I have read every five years or so. I see some parallels in it to Zorba the Greek, at least insofar as the two main protagonists in each is a callow young man and an old, wise Greek. Now that I have written about both in my blog, I may not read them again, having now fully incorporated them into my nervous system.

    Other ‘read again’ books: Shibumi by Trevanian, Steppenwolf by Hermann Hesse, The Mind Parasites by Colin Wilson, and so forth.

  5. Hi Adrian,

    Thanks for visiting my Inspired Pen site. I do have John Fowles in my list of contemporary writers to feature.

    Best regards,


  6. Bamboozalled ? amazing, .. shall i go on .. this ,my friends is without doubt one of the best novels of all time..the magic and the mystery still enchant me after many readings of this classic.the use of prose yes, but is the god given talent of storytelling that shines,the menace ,the resolution that we all want..because Nicholas is FLAWED like me . Do u remember the anagram in the book? ( the better part) This book is like no other. No other. thats it.

  7. Just to add to that.. I didnt quite get into oxford – i was streamed as they say- english – I went to music college(guitar)instead. I dont agree with Nicholas that poetry should be complicated, i love poetry, but i love many things just like he did.I read the book for the first time on the train from bombay to Johdpur ..and i read all thru the night. If u have been to India then u will know that it’s the only country that assaults all your senses at the same time ..so , my point is, that the Magus was that good that it made me forget what was outside the window. Goodness me !!

  8. Ah interesting review. I’m readint the book in Geman language. It can be that I want to read more by this author. “The collector” is already really exciting. I got the tip in a book on writing well.
    Thanks for the link.

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